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Arginase I (ARG1) Inhibitor Screening Kit (Colorimetric)

The most sensitive kit on the market to evaluate potential human Arginase I inhibitors
Catalog #: K567

Product Details

Cat # +Size K567-100
Size 100 assays
Kit Summary • Detection method- Absorbance (450 nm)
• Applications- Screening for inhibitors of human arginase I (ARG1)
• Simple, rapid & convenient
Detection Method Absorbance (450 nm)
Species Reactivity Eukaryotes
Applications • Screening for inhibitors of human arginase I (ARG1)
Features & Benefits Sensitive assay for the screening of potential human ARG1 inhibitors
Kit Components • Assay Buffer
• ARG1 Substrate
• ARG1 Probe Mix A
• ARG1 Probe Mix B
• Human ARG1
• ABH (in DMSO)
Storage Conditions -20°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Arginase (EC is a manganese-containing enzyme which catalyzes the conversion of arginine into urea and ornithine, which is the final reaction in the urea cycle. Arginase I (ARG1) is the liver isoform of arginase. Recent studies showed that ARG1 expression by mature myeloid cells in tumor environment as demonstrated in a 3LL murine lung carcinoma model causes L-Arginine depletion by tumor-associated myeloid cells (TAMC). L-arginine depletion suppresses immune-response against tumor cells due to inhibition to T-cell proliferation. In addition, the depletion of arginine increases the reactive nitrogen species (NOS) and reactive oxygen species (ROS), which, in consequence, induce T-cell apoptosis and supports antigenic cell proliferation. BioVision’s Arginase I (ARG1) Inhibitor Screening Kit is designed for screening ARG1 inhibitors. Two substituted-2-amino-6-hexanoic acids have been studied as arginase inhibitor and in this kit, Amino-2-Borono-6-Hexanoic Acid (ABH) is provided as a positive control. The ARG1 activity is monitored by the increase in absorbance readings (OD 450 nm), while potential inhibitors will cause a decrease of absorbance. The assay kit is simple, quick and can be used to identify and characterize ARG1 inhibitors in a high-throughput format.

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