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Adeno-Associated Virus qPCR Quantification Kit

qPCR based kit to detect Adeno-Associated Virus
Catalog #: K1473

Product Details

Cat # +Size K1473-100
Size 100 Rxns
Kit Summary An ideal tool for quantification of Adeno-Associated Virus using qPCR
Detection Method qPCR based quantification kit
Applications • An ideal tool to quantify Adeno-Associated Virus
Features & Benefits • High specificity and sensitivity
• Minimal non-specific background
• Results ready in less than 2 h (REMOVE THIS LINE ONLY)
• Reliable and Ready-to-use
Kit Components • 2X qPCR Titer MasterMix
• Primer Mix
• Control DNA
• DNase I Reaction Mix
• ROX Reference Dye
• Nuclease-Free Water
Storage Conditions -20ºC
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


BioVision’s Adeno-Associated Virus qPCR Quantification Kit is used for the quantification of adeno-associated Virus. This kit employs a quick DNA extraction step from AAV particles, followed by a qPCR assay. The kit has demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity. Virus samples originating from both virus-producing cell lines or purified viral preparations can be used for determining the titer. Viral DNA is isolated from the sample using the Virus Lysis Buffer provided in the kit. Primers included in the Reagent Mix are then used with the extracted viral DNA, AAV STD1 and STD2 to determine the threshold cycle (Ct) values by qPCR. The Ct values are then used to calculate the viral titer of the adeno-associated virus samples.

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How is the virus lysed?
The virus is denatured during the initial heating step of the qPCR (i.e., Enzyme Activation, 95 °C, 10 min).
What samples were used to create the Standards in this kit?
Plasmid with partial viral DNAs were used to generate the Standards.
Which vector elements are amplified and what is the general location of the primers?
The primers target the 3'ITR region.
Is this kit able to detect all Adeno-Associated Virus serotypes?
Yes, this kit should be able to detect all Adeno-Associated Virus serotypes.