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3D Culture HTS Cell Viability Assay Kit (Colorimetric)

For sensitive quantification of viable cells
Catalog #: K2032

Product Details

Size 100 assay
Detection Method Absorbance, OD 460 nm
Species Reactivity Mammalian
Applications • Analysis of cytotoxic/cytostatic compounds that affect cell growth and spheroid formation, such as anticancer drugs, toxic agents and other pharmaceuticals
• Measurement of cell viability in response to growth factors, cytokines, mitogens and nutrients
• Matrix and spheroid dissociations from 3D cell culture for cell growth assessment
Features & Benefits • High-throughput method for characterizing and screening cell viability and cytotoxicity
• Non-radioactive
• Easy-to-use
Kit Components • Matrix Dissociation Saline Solution
• Viability Assay Buffer
• WST Concentrate
Storage Conditions -20ºC
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures are artificially-created environments, where cells are allowed to grow or interact with their surroundings in a 3D fashion. 3D cell cultures improve the function, differentiation and viability of cells and recapitulate the in vivo microenvironment as compared to conventional 2D cell cultures. 3D matrices provide a physiologically relevant screening platform by mimicking the in vivo responses for many cell types including cancer and stem cells. This is specifically important in developmental morphogenesis, pharmacology, drug metabolism and drug toxicity studies. Additionally, quantification of the number of viable cells is an indispensable tool in in vitro screening in these studies. However, with the use of 3D matrices, some protease-based dissociation methods don’t completely dissolve the matrices or the cell aggregates, which may alter the result of the in vitro viability assessment quantitatively. BioVision’s 3D Culture Cell Viability Assay Kit provides a standardized colorimetric method for sensitive quantification of viable cells that can detect as high as 250,000 viable cells and as low as 1000 viable cells in each well. The absorbance is measured at 460 nm. The measured intensity is proportional to the number of viable cells. Further, the kit comes with an optimized and gentle non-enzymatic dissociation solution for the recovery of viable and dead cells from spheroids in matrices and scaffolds. This assay kit provides an easy-to-use, non-radioactive, high-throughput method for characterizing and screening cell viability and cytotoxicity.

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