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An endogeneous cholesterol metabolite
Catalog #: 2411

Product Details

Cat # +Size 2411-1
Size 1 mg
Alternate Name Cerebrosterol, Cholest-5-ene-3,24-diol, (24S)-24-Hydroxycholesterol, cholest-5-en-3beta,24S-diol
Appearance White solid
CAS # 474-73-7
Molecular Formula C₂₇H₄₆O₂
Molecular Weight 402.66
Purity ≥99% by HPLC
Solubility DMSO (~10 mg/ml) or EtOH (~10 mg/ml)
InChi InChI=1S/C27H46O2/c1-17(2)25(29)11-6-18(3)22-9-10-23-21-8-7-19-16-20(28)12-14-26(19,4)24(21)13-15-27(22,23)5/h7,17-18,20-25,28-29H,6,8-16H2,1-5H3/t18-,20+,21+,22-,23+,24+,25+,26+,27-/m1/s1
PubChem CID 121948
Handling Protect from light and air
Storage Conditions -20°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


An important cholesterol metabolite (cholesterol 24-hydroxylase) found in the brain. It is an endogenous agonist of the nuclear receptor LXR. It has been shown to induce cell death in neuroblastoma cells, possibly via a necroptosis pathway. 24(S)-Hydroxycholesterol has also been found to be a high affinity ligand for RORα and RORγ (Ki = 25 nM). 24(S)-Hydroxycholesterol levels are elevated in the cerebral spinal fluids of patients with neurogenerative diseases suggesting possible clinical applications. It was also able to reduce Aβ production and increase ER-resident immature amyloid precursor protein (APP) levels in human neuroblastoma SH-Sy5Y cells and CHO cells via inhibition of intracellular amyloid precursor protein trafficking.

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