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 Cathepsin Assay Kits



Cathepsins are proteases that break apart other proteins found in many types of cells including those in all animals. There are approximately a dozen members of this family, which are distinguished by their structure, catalytic mechanism, and which proteins they cleave. Most of the members become activated at the low pH found in lysosomes. While cathepsins B and H function as exopeptidases and endopeptidases, cathepsins D, E, F, G, K, L, S and V are endopeptidases, and cathepsins A, C and X are exopeptidases. Besides their main function in lysosomal protein recycling, cathepsins play significant roles in a variety of physiological processes such as antigen processing, wound healing, bone remodeling, prohormone and proenzyme activation, hair cycle, reproduction and also in diseases such as cancer and bronchial asthma. They also have pro-apoptotic roles either in a caspase-dependent or -independent manner. For example, Cathepsin D (an aspartyl protease) has been shown to be a key molecule of neutrophil apoptosis by directly activating the initiator caspase-8. In addition, high levels of Cathepsin D in tumor cells seem to be associated with greater invasiveness. Cathepsin G, found in azurophil granules of neutrophilic polymorphonuclear leukocytes, has specificity similar to that of chymotrypsin C and may participate in the killing and digestion of engulfed pathogens, and in connective tissue remodeling at sites of inflammation.

BioVision is very pleased to announce the release of two new assay kits, a Cathepsin G Activity Assay Kit and a Cathepsin D Inhibitor Screening Kit. The addition of both these versatile kits expands our Apoptosis-related Products within the Cathepsin product line. 


Cathepsin G Activity Assay Kit

(K146-100), 100 assays:

  • Simple and rapid means of quantifying Cathepsin G activity in serum & cell/tissue lysates
  • Includes a Cathepsin G specific inhibitor
  • Highly sensitive colorimetric assay
  • Suitable for high throughput applications


Cathepsin D Inhibitor Screening Kit

(K148-100), 100 assays:

  • Simple and rapid means to assess the inhibition of Cathepsin D activity.
  • Includes both a human recombinant Cathepsin D and reference inhibitor Pepstatin A (IC50 < 0.1 nM)
  • Highly sensitive fluorometric assay
  • Suitable for high throughput aplications.


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