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siRNA Apoptosis Vectors

Small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) are short, double-stranded RNA molecules that can target and degradate specific complementary mRNAs. The target gene-specific degradation is an effective means of gene suppression. BioVision's GeneBlocker pGB siRNA expression vectors are designed to provide efficient suppression of a target gene in cultured mammalian cells and in vivo. The pGB vector has been optimized for suppressing expression of target genes using the human U6 promotor (a RNA polymerase III promotor) which generates large amounts of siRNA in mammalian cells. The pGB vector provides neomycin resistance marker for the selection of stable cell lines, permitting long term suppression of the target gene. BioVision offers siRNA vectors targeting to important Apoptosis genes. The negative control siRNA vector and pGB cloning vector for cloning in your own insert are also available.

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