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Mounting Media
Cell visualization and microscopy are fundamental tools for investigating cellular behavior and structure, including changes in structural features as well as cellular and sub-cellular dynamics under normal and diseased states. As the technology for microscopy has evolved, the ability to interrogate discrete protein and organelle dynamics has increased and the need for specific visualization tools has grown. Immunocyto/histochemistry (ICC/IHC) and immunofluorescence (IF) are techniques which form the right-hand of such investigations. These techniques are used for disease diagnosis, drug development and biological research.

Some practical applications of ICC/IHC/IF are:
  • Analysis of antigens in fresh, frozen or fixed tissues; sub-cellular localization of antigens in tissue culture monolayers;
  • Observation of bacterial or parasitic specimens;
  • Detection and localization of the presence or absence of specific DNA sequences on chromosomes;
  • Defining the spatial-temporal patterns of gene expression within cells/tissues.
However, these techniques are riddled with numerous problems such as low sensitivity, fading of signals over time/photo-bleaching, smearing etc.

BioVision is thrilled to house an array of mounting media targeting the resolution of these issues combined with increased efficiency of these techniques.

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 Catalog #   Product Name-   Size   Price   Buy Now 
 1211-20   SuperMOUNT™ Mounting Medium    20 ml   $139.00  Buy Now 
 1219-30   SuperImmunoHistoMount™    30 ml   $85.00  Buy Now 
 1218-20   FluorLast™ with DAPI and DABCO    20 ml   $95.00  Buy Now 
 1214-20   FluorLast™ with DAPI    20 ml   $95.00  Buy Now 
 1217-20   FluorLast™ with DABCO    20 ml   $95.00  Buy Now 
 1213-20   FluorLast™ Mounting Media    20 ml   $85.00  Buy Now 

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages:  1